Friday, February 21, 2014

The games politicians play !

Recently Jayalalitha ordered the release of Rajiv Gandhi's murderers. The woman has gone completely mad ! Seems like she's trying to win over the Tamils (SriLankan) by this gesture .. But she forgets that before taking care of the SriLankan Tamil sentiments, she has to consider the sentiments of her countrymen. In the first place, she herself is very very vindictive. Then, how can she forget the feelings of revenge or the need for justice the families of the victims have ? 

Moreover, by letting the murderers free, what message is she projecting to the world ? That anyone can commit a terrorist act against us, but will be spared in the end ??!!! Chanakya, the master politician would have had a lot to tell her on this issue. By taking such brainless decisions, she is weakening the country's defences. If a CM can do this, what prevents some other country from taking liberties with our country ??? No other country in the world would commute a death to life sentence, let alone free, a terrorist who murdered the country's Prime Minister.

I was expecting Rahul Gandhi also to play safe and ask for the release of his father's murderers. But thankfully, in this aspect, he has had some sense.

The relatives of the murderers have expressed happiness over Jayalalitha's decision ... but what if they were on the other side ? Would they have been just as forgiving ? An atrocity will always remain an atrocity, no matter who forgives it. 

I feel there should be no question of human rights in this issue at all. What the murderers did was against human rights too. And by forgiving them, we are not great .. we are just plain stupid. Gandhiji might have preached about showing the other cheek when someone slaps you on one, but then, he didn't have to fight or protect the country against terrorists. Against the British regime which was already rooted in India, yes .. but that's different from fighting external forces.

I am so mad that I am unable to write straight, or type all my thoughts on the same. Stupid Jayalalitha.


Titaxy said...

sigh. stupid indeed. don't know much about the issue, but will read more sometime today.

SG said...

Jayalalitha is not stupid. She is extremely intelligent. She knows what she is doing. She has no sympathy or soft corner for the Rajiv Gandhi killers.

This is all political drama keeping in mind the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. Here is her calculation, me think. This action will force all other political parties to support her (except Congress). This way she can destroy the potential coalition of DMK-DMDK-Congress. Congress will not want to associate with anyone supporting the release of these killers. She is hoping she will win all the 40 Lok Sabha seats. She thinks the only obstacle for this will be a coalition between DMK-DMDK-Congress. Supreme Court gave her an opportunity and she immediately grabbed it.

Even if they are not released, she is in a much stronger position among the Tamilnadu voters. She does not care if they are released or not.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Titaxy :
Irritating political games !

SG :
Welcome !
When I said "stupid", I didnt mean she's brainless .. I meant she was irritating and annoying .. A kind of cuss-word.
Oh yeah ! She's playing games for sure .. But she shouldn't be playing games with the country's image or security .. In the interest of the country (and not jut her state), she should learn to make proper decisions and not ones tht will enable her to buy more sarees and slippers ..

When will these politicians realise ???

Anonymous said...

You should not forget that this Same Rahul Gandhi and his Sonia AMMA played this game with the State of Andhra Pradesh, by dividing for hte sake of Seats and Votes.

You reap what you sow.

Irrespective of he sentiments of hte people of Telugu, Sonia AMMA waited for 9.5 long years and then in the last minute, split the state for the sake of Votes.

The same Jayalalitha did as well.

Kanagu said...

hi Deepa.. Its been long time.. how r u?? :)

Jayalalitha's actions were stupid and if she was really willing to release them she would have consulted properly with the lawyers and taken an action that would have avoided recent stay order from Supreme court!!! She would have done this for votes!!

But do you think with the current judicial system we have which can be bought by money and power is rightly suited to hand out death penalty to anyone?

Of the convicted 3 persons, Perarivalan's involvement is buying battery for the bomb!!! and they convicted based on the receipt he had in his pocket for the same months after the assassination!! do you think we ever get bills from shops for buying batteries? 20 years ago?!?!?! :o

There were lot of questions unanswered in this case,

While Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, none of the congress leaders were near him. So why they were not even questioned?

Two independent commissions were formed to investigate this case

1. Verma
2. Jain

Verma's commission finding files were missed by our own Indian government and never to be found again.

Jain commission's lifetime was reduced after pressure from congress and the persons accused by the commission Chandraswami (Narasimha Rao's friend) and Subramaniya Swami were never interrogated.

Also all the 3 convicted filed their mercy petitions by 2000 but it took 11 years for Central government to act on it. Why such delay when Congress government was in power for 7 years in those 11 years?

And they were already in prison for 23 years!!! don't you think thats more than enough for any person who indirectly involved in the assassination?

Kanagu said...

If you find sometime read this blog for more details:

I don't believe congress leaders at that time doesn't have a part in Rajiv Gandhi's assassination.. While the convicted maybe the ones (I am not sure of this) who plotted this murder.. the people in power who let this happen should also been brought in before the justice. Without that we can't claim we have handed out justice.

Kanagu said...

You can read this interview also for more information on this:

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Anony :
No, it's not the same thing at all. I am not talking about vengeance or revenge from the Gandhi's point if view.
I am talking about the effect of the cheap politics on the country... As manmohan singh said, killing Rajiv Gandhi was like killing India's soul.. Not just Rajiv Gandhi .. Killing any prime minister of our country is an attack on the whole country.
What you are talking about is internal politics , which is not the concern I am trying to talk about.
Killing Rajiv Gandhi was an attack on our country. While I dot have much sympathy for the political parties, I am angry that his killers could be let free. If the killers if the PM itself can be let to go scot free, what then of the comman man ? If a PM cannot get justice, what then of the comman man ?
And by being lenient, we are just allowing other countries to gain confidence in attacking us.

Sorcerer said...

The idea of politics and economy is all about making good of sentiments.

Unfortunately, the politicians in these political dramas try to play the role of God..the I am above law kinda thing. Their posturing is more of sheer arrogance and selfishness than standing up for national interests.

Youngsters have to take a clue from these and throw out these oldies before Pakinsons Syndrome kicks in.


Jack said...


Do you think our esteemed politicians care for our sentiments? All they are worried is about how to garner votes. Don't you think that our country would have progressed much more and we would have had good status in every sphere if our politicians ever put country needs ahead of their vote hunger? And it is we only who are to be blamed as we elect such people. The educated lot who can make a difference by casting vote as well as making masses understand responsibility of casting vote rightly does not do either mostly. Sad we got to live with this and pass on such sorry state of affairs to next generation.

Take care

Jack said...


Do you think our esteemed politicians care for our sentiments? All they are worried is about how to garner votes. Don't you think that our country would have progressed much more and we would have had good status in every sphere if our politicians ever put country needs ahead of their vote hunger? And it is we only who are to be blamed as we elect such people. The educated lot who can make a difference by casting vote as well as making masses understand responsibility of casting vote rightly does not do either mostly. Sad we got to live with this and pass on such sorry state of affairs to next generation.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Deepa,
Its a big cycle. You reap of what you sow. This is applicable even at the thought level. That is the reason why scriptures say to keep our thoughts clean before even making our actions clean.

But what you are seeing is that the Congress is too much attached to the power and they are playing the game and this is the same game Jayalalitha is also playing as she is too much attached to the power.

Anyway, if you look at the situation, PM is a useless guy. He might be a good scholar, but he is an asshole in terms of leadership. A leader should be able to ruthlessly kick somebody if it needs to be done. But this PM is useless. I take whatever he tells lightly.

You are right in the sense that the killers of a PM of any country should not be let free. but why in the first place, they were let free from the Death penalty? Why did it took so long for the death penalty to be implemented, when Rajiv gandhi was killed 24 years?

So, the thing is that its the Lame congress leadership that is responsible for not implementing the death penalty even after 10+ years of murder of the Nations PM.

As soon as it came to power, it should have taken decision to move fast in implementing the death penalty without waiting. If you look at the Kasab(Parialiament attacker), he was also hanged in hurry and in secret. That was done by congress for votes and seats.

In my view, congress waited to implement death penalty of Rajiv killers, purely because it want to be in good terms with the tamilians. Now, when the time came and the terms with tamilians became Bad, the same congress is crying Foul and shedding crocodile tears.

You reap of what you sow. No exceptions, unless you realize truly of the mistakes of your actions.

Avada Kedavra said...

These political games are beyond my comprehension. SG's explanation sounds logical here.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Kanagu :
Yes indeed ... it's been a very long time.
It doesn't matter whether someone is directly or indirectly involved, what matters is if he knowingly participated. Suppose he knew what the bomb was for and helped, he's just as guilty.

I know there could have been a lot of politics, a lot of underhand dealing etc. But, I believe the Supreme Court triumphs over this .. And well, even if it is faulty, our judiciary is the only one we can look to for justice .. that and God.
When proved guilty, there should have been no leniency, and the death sentence was a must. Delaying it was bad enough, but letting them go free ? That's absurd.
You are right .. total justice is not done till every person linked to the assassination is punished, but at the moment, the issue is how the CM could allow for their release. Vote banks and personal luxury is one thing, but the country's safety is something else altogether.
When people in authority do not show loyalty to their country, countries like Italy / US think they can get away with any attack on our country.

Yes, I'll read the links over the weekend or so.

How have you been ?

Sorcy :
Spot on ! Absolutely !
But youngsters .. they should be above the dirty politics too. However, seeing AAP, I feel some amount of posturing might be necessary to survive in this murky politic.

Jack :
But see the options we have ... All are the same .. there is no one we can say will do the required job.

Anony :
All that you said is right.
It's a devil eat devil (I don't like using the original saying) situation ... Congress - BJP political game ... whatever.
But, in the process, it's the country's security they are weakening.
Most of the problems arise from the fact that we forget we are one country. Tamils are also Indians ... And if the country is under attack, they are too .. Hence, rather than fighting over regional vote banks, these manipulating politicians better look at the country as a whole.
Of course, even the thought process has huge power. Do we not feel the antagonism of our enemy even if he's smiling/laughing along with us ? Do we need suddenly fear the jealous eye ?

Avada Kedavra :
They are all greedy .. and then they complain that talent is going out of the country ... Why will it not when they make such fools out of common man ???

Renu said...

Politicains dont do anything for the right reasons..they are the most disgusting lot..their every decision has some gain for or its people may go to dogs..

Sorcerer said...

AAP? Baaaah!

Unfortunately Deepa, AAP is not about posturing. The politics AAP is playing is fiction which is so far away from facts and realities of today.

Politics is about using what you have, to salvage what the political system doesn't have for fulfilling the needs of a democracy.

This is where AAP has failed miserably with their posturing.

To run this country so vast for its diversity and human geographic imparity, you need more than balls to run the show than awesome letter writing skills to your political opponents.

AAP look like another "Wanna be" in politics drunk on Utopia and adrenaline jabs.

Whatever..There is much Youngistan can do!
Youngsters should be the correctional agent of politics than get carried away by "Trending Topic".
They should be absolute when it comes for choosing political decisions.
From time to time, they should take a break from the rat-race and voice above the voice of injustice.
They should be more pro-active in politics through reliable NGO's.

Well!! There's a lot everyone can do. It will make a pretty picture finally.

Ps: I understand that this blog-post is not about AAP. But then again..its politics.

P. Venugopal said...

Lively discussion...
Is there, of late, some hope of a new kind of politics emerging?
We have all along been leaving the serious business of politics to a particular type of people, whichever be the party...
AAP's emergence is a signal, isn't it? If you listen carely, you can hear the woodman and the farmer at work, unnoticed. Something is going to happen.

CRD said...

The last thing we'd want is for Amma and the killers to become heroes in Tamil Nadu. I actually see them joining politics in the near future. :(

Insightful post.


Jack said...


Where have you vanished?

Take care

Rahul Gandhi said...

Politics is not a game. It is an earnest business.

Grow up!!!! kiddo

White Magpie said...

There is no logic for the actions. Don't waste your time in trying to figure it out. The earlier President - a lady herself freed 3-4 serial rapists. Beat that.

Bikram said...

hey.. How are you doing .. longlong time .. remember me :)

politics in our country is a dirty game , who is what is seldom known and they can change at drop of a hat ..


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Renu :
True ... if only they read through the life of the great rulers before them .. It's so bad that we are the tools they use to empower themselves

Sorcy :
In my opinion, AAP definitely has the right motives and the right principles, but unfortunately the wrong strategy.

Venu maashe :
Exactly sir ... I think people are looking more closely at facts and not sticking to blind loyalty. And when they are not satisfied with what they see, they build their own.

A horrid and terrible thought, ain't it ?

Jack :
Am back now.

Rahul Gandhi :
Welcome here.
Politics is earnest game for sure .. for some power hungry politicians to enhance their coffers and their power.
"Grow up" .. This is the problem with politicians .. They think civilians are fools who cannot separate facts from fiction.. Unfortunately, people have all grown up and have spoken too.

WM :
I know ... she was a blotch in the name of governance.
How have you been ?

Bikram :
Of course i remember you .. had been to your page too .. Couldn't comment.
Right you are .. how different from politics in U.K. where the politicians get punished for mistakes made even 20 yrs ago .. A lot more transparency there !

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...
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