Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My first Travancore Mural work


up↑take said...

Wonderful! Looks like a great deal of work.

Jack said...


Just TOO BEAUTIFUL to say anything more. A lot of hard work seems to have been put in.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Very good one and that too of Lord Krishna. What else can I say. Remember, arts is also one way of meditation, as you spend time on this work with so much deep devotion and concentration. Increasing devotion(or love towords GOD) and concentration is the aim of even Meditation.

kanagu said...

very beautiful deepa.. this looks so complex..

How much days it took to finish???

Deepa said...

Uptake :
yes .. it was .. but enjoyed every minute of it.
Am currently working on the second piece of the same

Jack :
yes, I did. and since it's my first, I was unsure too. Especially coz I have no formal training, and since I am drawing a God, didnt want to go wrong.

Anony :
Thank you ...
Really, it is only God who made this possible. So many times in between, I was frustrated coz I was not getting it right ... but a shloka chanting would soon put me on the right track.

Kanagu :
it is very detailed. You should see the original !
All in all, it took about 35-40 hours over a period of 3 months.

Sorcerer said...

It has come out really wonderful. First effort and great result. :)

Keep up the Good work Deepa.
There are not many, who values the ancient Indian arts and traditional paintings.
Really nice to see someone putting effort to learn, understand and draw murals.

you rwak.

Bikramjit said...

FIrst .. this looks very professional



ashok said...

wow! good work Deepa! hope to see more such master pieces :)

Gayu said...


White Magpie said...

Superb. Just dont let it be a one time wonder..

Rakesh said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Boss !!!

This is amazing !!! but what i find more amazing is that u find the time , motivation and energy to follow ur artistic passion.

Btw how have u been ?

Art said...

its beautiful...

and i am coming here after a very long time.. Dunno if u remember me though :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Sorcy :
Thank you ...
Well .. I wish I could learn it the traditional way

Bikram :
Thank you .. I hope to improve on this. Am making my second copy

Ashok :
Thank you .. will try :)

Gayu :
Thank you :)

WM :
Inshah Allah ... I hope it wont !

Rakesh :
Thank you :)

Frail Voice :
hey !!
Thanks ...
well, if not for this, what is there in life ?

Art :
Thank you !
Of course ! I remember you .. used to read your posts regularly

Sujit said...

very nice painting :)