Saturday, November 05, 2011

Warli Art

In this post, I am pasting a painting I'd done a couple of months ago. I did not want to post it on my blog as I'd drawn it as a gift for someone close to me, and it now hangs in his house. But lately, I figured I need to have my paintings saved online as well (just in case my PC crashes and I want to track back and redraw it). Further, when trying ancient Indian folk art, I feel it is a good idea to bring the art and its history out in the open. If even a single person, after reading my posts gets inspired to buy the ancient art, it'd be a bonus to the real artisans.

So, today's post is on Warli Art. The Warlis were an ancient agricultural tribe in the Maharashtra-Gujarat belt, who worshipped the nature as their mother, and worshipped the feminine. Their work depicted day-to-day life and was usually done on their hut walls.

Their pictorial representations were on a red ochre background (made of a mixture of branches, cowdung and soil) with white figures (made of a rice paste, water and gum).

Traditional Warli art is made with just 2 shapes : Circles (depicting the sum and moon), triangles (depicting the hills), and lines. Later, squares were probably added. The squares possibly represent the square platform for rituals, or a square plot of land. Anyway, the traditional work was composed of circles and triangles and lines. Their drawings were very fluid and seem to bring the activity they depict out in the real.

I made an attempt to try their art on canvas with acrylic paints. Wish I could learn the art form the traditional way someday. My work depicts a community gathering or a dance ritual around a drummer. The men and women can easily be differentiated.


urban butterfly said...

You are a true artist, and this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing about the Warlis! I learned something today :)

up↑take said...

I had a Warli art bed sheet. Your color selection is better.

Anonymous said...

hi deepa do share ur online painting collection album link

kanagu said...

wonderful deepa... Its really good :)

you have good artist in you :)

Jeseem said...

very interesting..
I couldn't zoom in to get a closer look, but looks colorful and fasinating

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

UB :
thank you .... a lot of images on Warli art is available online. You could have a look sometime ...
This is an NGO that works directly with the tribals::
Another informative site ::
there was this Indian boy settled in US who died very young. His father had his entire life depicted in the form of Warli art. It was touching.
Forgot the link though.

Uptake :
Thank you .... Actually, on cloth, I like the Kochampalli and Madhubani works a lot more. But I love drawing the Warli figures. They can be drawn so easily.

Anony :
Oh ... I dont have any as a collection ... I just have them as posts on my blog.
If I ever make an album, will share it.

Kanagu :
thank you Kanagu .. :)

Jeseem :
You should try it sometime.... you'll enjoy drawing it

Rakesh said...

woah! Brilliant! Tht was an interesting story abt the warli culture and ur painting looks amazing

Mmm..just out of curiosity..Why do the warli men have funny looking toes? :P

Sorcerer said...

This is really good.
Not many show interest in ancient arts.
hmm...that was some real nice effort.

Hmmm..I think I have a theory..that modern 'stick figure art' is evolved from this.

its just a hypothesis now..will bring in equations to prove it later.


It could be alien drawings...some alien Java Script actually or AWK crop circle..
[Crop circles reminds me of a buddy whose had some weird case of hairfall , back in bangalore]

Bikramjit said...

Beautiful work .. :)


Kidty said...

Nice art work Deepa! The men are wearing skirts though,so it's hard to tell the sexes apart except for the hair.

up↑take said...

It is Pochampalli, sweety, not Kochampalli. There is a famous documentary on this by Shyam Benegal.

I believe those designs are called Ikat. Reminds me of the line: "In its warp, in its weave, in its weft, India lives".

Arun Pillai said...

Good work again. As you mentioned its ages "3 years & running" since i ever looked back to these blogging space. Thanks for notifying ;-)

I am doing well and hope there is enough bells and whistles in your life as well


ashok said...

very impressive...nice to see someone passionate about a folk art!

Deepa said...

Rakesh :
ayyooo ! those are not toes ... its feet !!
on my prev post :: go learn cooking .... and I can call you Rakesh chefwalla someday
btw, i watched Ra. One today :D

Sorcy :
lets leave awk alone, shall we ?

Bikram :
thank you

Kidty :
ahha ! so you noticed the hair ? thank you.
yes, the art is such that human figures are represented by triangles

uptake :
oops .. my bad !
as a kid, i thought and pronounced it as Kochampalli .... just a few years got to know it was pochampalli .. but old habits die hard
Ikat .. saw the link .. will read more on it

Arun :
yes .. it has been a long time ...
life is ok ..
arent you writing any more ?

Ashok :
Thank you ... like I have said, coming from genius artists like you, it is a compliment.

Kidty said...

Oh I see,thanks for clearing that up for me,I'd be a horrible detective because I don't notice stuff like that,but at least I could work for one,because I sure admire Hercule Poirot and his intellect,but with it comes great peculiarity that Miss Lemon has to put up with.

Sujit said...

Very nice and interesting. Just with few geometric shapes they were able to do such wonderful paintings.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Kidty :

Sujit :
yeah ... isn't it ?

Folk art of India said...

Very interesting.. Warli art is simple yet rich. Artists express a kind of fulfilment they experience that is in harmony with nature and their gods and goddesses. Usually the Warli paintings are done during the marriage ceremony and they call them as “Lagnacha chauk” meaning marriage paintings.