Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cry India Cry

My country is bleeding
And all I am doing is just watching
My country is badly hurt
And all I do is watch with a calm breath

We are a nation of many states
Of different religions, heritages, ideals and faiths
Yet, we stay united, strong and unbroken
Our diversity is a matter oft spoken

Yet, in this moment of crisis
All we do is play blame games and hurl curses
When will we drag the guilty to court ?
And keep at it till we have each and every one of them shot ?

We are paying the price for being tolerant
For accepting, letting go and being hesitant
Hesitant to run down those who hurt us
We shy away, hide and try to avoid the fuss

"Chalta hai" seems to be our motto
Actors and politicians, conmen in photo
We take pride in rebounding and resuming life
Shame on us ! We seem to forget the wounds caused by the knife

The knife - the tool of power and money of those leaders
who consider common man and human life as just meanders
the country their stage, and common folk their puppets
Whose blood can be spilled on the streets in buckets

My country is bleeding
And all I am doing is writing
A post that will be read now, forgotten tomorrow
Words that would not even be remembered till the next great sorrow.

Am I so uncaring, and ready to forgive so easily ?
Able to forget the pain and blood of the victims so quickly ?
Shame on me ! For being a silent spectator
Watching the guilty emerge yet again a victor

My country is bleeding
Yet again, I am just watching
Watching her lick her wounds
Till the next attack makes its rounds


up↑take said...

Some blame others. Some of us blame ourselves. Helpless spectators we are.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

@ uptake ... so frustrating it is !

Sorcerer said...

Media has another number series.

Soft nation should have hard stands on issues like these.

Bikramjit said...

no one is to be blamed other then US OURSELF ..

WE have chosen these people ot lead us

WE are the culprits


My Thoughts and I said...

The term, soft target is the new buzz word. The news channels invite sound bytes from the 'aam janta' who scream themselves blue in the face about how the government is to blame and how the government is apathetic to the plight of the people.

Yet, it is these very same people who find it below their dignity to stand in queues to cast their vote to elect their representatives.

It is said, you get the government you deserve.....I guess we do, don't we?

Camille said...

wow, Deepa! This poem is deeply moving and emotional! My heart goes out to India, the victims & their loves ones. Even though I am thousands of miles away, it does hit home for my family because my husband is from India.

You should write more poetry! You write so beautifully.

MTaI said...

@ Camille

You say you're husband is from India....why then we're as good as family!!! Padharo behen!! (Welcome sister!!) :D

By the way, that's me speaking my 'bestest' Hindi!!!! lololol!!!

kanagu said...

Our security is not breached but corrupted. We can make it stronger if it is breached but what can we do if it is corrupted.. :(

Thats a nice poem Deepa...

P. Venugopal said...

hello Deepa,
this morning i find two friends (you and MtaI) on the same subject. terror we can conquer only by conquering fear. those who blow up the bombs too don't know why they are doing it. nobody wins.

Deepa said...

Sorcy :
yeah .... but we dont .. after all aise bade bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rahti hai ... right ?

Bikram :
But no matter who we choose, this si the fate ... so, who do we choose then ?

MtaI :
But if whoever we choose turns out to be the same, what do we do then ?

Camille :
thank you ... every prayer counts !

Kanagu :
Right you are ... so, what can we do ?

Venu Maash :
What if those ppl who blow up stuff do infact know why they are doing so, then ?

P. Venugopal said...

You are right! That knowledge or ignorance is part of the Knowledge or Ignorance that runs the world. So let's get on with life. (This is also the way to conquer fear.)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Venu Maashe : Fear conquered alone doesnt suffice, does it ?

P. Venugopal said...

take company then! (wink)

Jack said...


Could not visit for a while and too many posts to read. I will be back tomorrow to do so.

Take care

Camille said...

@MTal (My thoughts and I):
Yes, my husband is a crazy and very sweet Indian man! He's my best friend! It feels great to be embraced by you! *hugs*
I'm in the process of learning Hindi. He also speaks Punjabi and some Urdu. So far, I know "ap kesse ho", "lurkee ka rahee hey", "kya wa", "kyun", and a few other I'm learning through rosetta stone and my husband teaches me some too. :)

Sudeep said...

Not only as a country, but we are tolerant in our personal lives too, right?
Your thoughts were correctly laid down, and sad that it is true that these would be forgotten tomorrow till the next attack.

Jack said...


Caught up with all pending posts. Sorry to give combined comment. Moody Blues, yes some songs have such a charm that one can enjoy again and again. How is tension now? I agree with what you said at the end in Closure. Good shadow picture with friends. I am yet to understand how could pressure cooker get burnt. But I am sure you do cook well. If you made that while being unable to sleep, well, it was good job. Nice tribute to friends in Gift. I would also like that dream to come true. I am sorry about loss to Chitra. One can not understand why God does this kind of things. I felt so angry at that video and cheered the Kangroo when he toppled the cruel trainer. Such persons need a practical lesson. On this one, it is WE, the people,who have to stand united without any thought about religion or region to fight this menace. We all should pledge to use our voting right to elect deserving persons. We need to fight for NONE OF ABOVE clause in vote as well as recall of elected person if he or she fails us. Our respected politicians too need to understand the gravity and leave all petty mindedness to join hands to fight this criminal activities against us.

Take care

Jack said...


Forgot to say in previous comment. I would love to have that painting of horses. Would you consider?

Take care

Kiddy said...

Are children safe in India Deepa!

Shauna said...

You're are a blessing to your
country, even if you don't feel so.

You have certainly educated me
with your intelligent and earnest

Kiddy said...

You think Sorcy will know my measurements Deepa?

Camille said...

Hi Deepa, hope you are well! :)

Bikramjit said...

Hey long time, how you doing

Deepa said...

Jack :
thanks for your comment ... you took quite some time to go through my blog, I can see ....

Abt the horse -- well, it is not a good picture. I don't think you would like it at close quarters.

Am doing well now ... No tension, no worries !!

Shauna :
Thank you .. thank you ... I believe we all have certain responsibilities !

ashok said...

is it a coincidence Iam reading this post today?

RD said...



Santosh Kumar said...

Hi! Very emotional poem.

Check some hindi poetry about love, life and God at my blog

Kalyan said...

Very true words...nicely crafted lines!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Ashok :
yo boss !! long long long time ... where have you been ???
If it indeed is a coincide, it is one ironic coincidence, don't you think ?

RD :
yo yo !!
Corruption ... @#!@#@!~~ !!

Santosh :
Thanks !
yeah .. sure thing !

Kalyan :