Monday, May 02, 2011

random feelings

If at the darkest hour of your life, you have none to talk to

If you feel you have none to stand with you to fight your troubles
If everyday brings in only fresh disappointment
If sleep evades you
If tears are all that give company through long deary nights
If people seem overwhelming due to their practicality and self sufficiency
If getting ahead in life is all that matters
If you feel like a doormat, or taken for granted
If you feel you are a support to every passerby, but have none for even comfort ,
If questions of purpose in life haunt you
If everything seems meaningless
If you fear for your life
If you just want to give up and go away ....

.... Am I normal ?
Is God all I have ??

P.S : We find strength in unlikely places. Very very weird ... I found my sou
rce of solace in the Telugu flick : "Aarya 2" ... "weird" because Telugu films are not my first choice of good films, and Allu Arjun was not an actor I wanted to watch. Disliked his dubbed films all these years. But the comfort the movie gave me !!! .. I have been hooked to Allu Arjun's interviews and songs (without completely understanding the language) for last few days, and as long as I am watching them, it provides me with an escape route !!


up↑take said...

It means your mind is playing tricks with you. "Nothing can trouble you but your own imagination." Yad Bhaavam tad Bhavati (as u feel, so u become)

Shauna said...

yes, I agree your mind is playing
tricks on you.

great book: the battlefield of
the mind - I have it and this
boo is very, very helpful.

Anonymous said...

“If questions of purpose in life haunt youIf everything seems meaninglessIf you fear for your lifeIf you just want to give up and go away “

Just awesome! it almost felt as if you have put words to my own feeling.

I am not sure if you have noticed but usually our darkest and lonesome hours are the most enlightening one too . it helps us to recalibrate our life , our priorities . All those nights of evading sleep brings along with agony and pain some sense of strength and humbleness and the acceptance that nothing is in our hands. And that feeling kind of liberates you

S said...

Hey Deepa!

Firstly, yeah! you're normal!!! :D

Secondly, I agree with, 'Just Words'.Our darkest and lonesome hours are the most enlightening one too . And sometimes, at least in my case, enlightenment takes forever! But arrives, it does!

Thirdly, never think yourself to be alone. That just isn't true! All you need to do is ask and you'll have heaps of friends clamouring to help you! The comments on your post should testify to that fact.

Which gets me to my fourth point (don't you just love lists!). You ask,is God all you have? Girl, God is all you NEED to get through this dark time! The best part is, when you turn to Him, He sends His angels to help you get through the trials (dusting my wings here!) :D

Seriously though, hang in there. Like my fav author says, "Things pass, and the best we can do is to let them really go away." ~ Paulo Coelho

You'll be well,girl!

S said...

Oh! If I appeared awfully practical in that comment; please be assured that was not my intention!

The pain, the agony, the absolute feelings of wretchedness and despair are not foreign to me.

Despite which or should I say, because of which, I stand by what I've said.


Anonymous said...

cure for your mood swing is chocolate (Belgium dark 70 % coca)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

UpTake :
hmm .... but what if you have situations to deal with ??

Shauna :
Hey ...
who is it by ? Let me see if i can get a copy

Just Words :
Err ... I am not getting liberated right now .. Wish I could !

S :
Thanks girl .. I know what you mean ... Am waiting to see you fly :D :D

Anony :
Send me a gift ??

Rakesh said...

Bommarillu.. nows thts one telegu movie which never fails to bring a smile on my ugly face :)

And personlly i think allu arjun is kinda stupid :P For me Siddharth is the dude!!!I love tht guys acting n even his singing :)

Ps: I was surprised to see tht many 'ANONYMOUS' ppl have turned my blog into their public chatroom.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

but i think Allu Arjun dances real well ... like i said , till a few days ago, even i shared your opinions !

Who was that anony ?? (Bad question, if you knew, he/she wouldnt be anony))

Rakesh said...

how am i supposed to know ?
:D :D

s said...

Yeah it's me! The one and only S!

Rakesh said...

S who?

S said...

'S' as in a kindred spirit of Deepa's!! :D

Are you by any chance trying to turn Deepa's blog into into your public chatroom, Rakesh?! ;)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Rakesh , U r the Brat-vampire-ET etc etc ... so you should know !!!!!

S, Good question :D :D :D

Rakesh said...

bahhh..u r the one who did tht ON MY BLOG!!


Just bcoz im on a long break, tht doesnt mean anyone can come there and conduct nuclear tests :(

Rakesh said...

Im not ET!!!
People refer to me as 'COUNT BRATULA' out of respect :D

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
S said...

If that comment was aimed at me Rakesh; rest assured I have never heard of you nor seen your blog before today!!!! So no mia culpas from me!!!! :D
Nuclear tests huh? tsk tsk! The things people do!!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

heh heh heh ..

who asked you to go on a long break ? Seeing vast, fertile, planted ground (read : your blog) gives everyone ideas to plant their own subjects !!!

--- Err ..bad choice of sentences/words .. work is doing that to me .. it is robbing me of English !

Rakesh said...

@ S

omlette du fromage!!

*Brat showing off his french skills* :P

Rakesh said...


thts wht u get for ruining my land!! grrr

S said...


A French Omlette? Seriously?
er...merci beaucoup???? :)


Can't stay melancholy for long, with this guy around, can you?! :D

S said...


error! Read; A CHEESE omlette???


Rakesh said...

Thts the french i got from an episode of 'Dexters laboratory' :P

s said...

Mais oui, monsieur! Hurling that blood curling yell, did have the desired effect.....I am totally off all things french, cheese n eggs!
Shiver me timbers!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Miss Monde Deepa est ronde sur notre prochaine rencontre sera certainement cadeau que vous chocolat.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Anony , Merci beacoup :)

S & Rakesh .. i love this !!!

Deeps said...

Know zilch about telugu films. The actor in the poster looked like Siddharth and I was drooling when I read you mention it was Allu Arjun. They resemble, dont they??

s said...

Hey Deepa!
Time for new post....please oblige!!!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Deeps, does he ? I guess in some angles ... like the length of th face etc ... still drooling ?

S, have a bit of stuff to wrap up .. so..

Sorcerer said...

Mind is a terrible thing and potato chips is the only thing thats gonna stand with us in all kinds of trouble.

*Crunch *crunch
You fear the fear itself..Well..
Actually there is nothing to fear..the world is programmed to fit every piece into its place.