Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Love

I am currently listening to this album by Rahman "One Love". He has sung the same song in 6 languages - Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Bengali. I found it really interesting how he sings the same song in different languages.
I also love the fact that he so easily collaborates with other singers. And this humility in him helps him create masterpieces. 'Gurus of peace' is one example (in my opinion)

Am trying to learn Telugu, and improve my Tamil speech. Am watching the telugu film 'Arundathi' .... it is entertaining though I find Sonu Sood's acting a bit too much especially when he says "Bommalli" in a lecherous (?) voice. I find it more irritating than lecherous.

Will be attending an 'Art of living' course today, just for experience. I'm very highly sceptical of any institution that conducts courses for the mass . I agree that Sri Ravishankar is responsible for introducing 'Sudarshan Kriya' in the West, but I do not like it when 'Sudarshan Kriya' is associated with 'Art of living'. and Ravishankar. 'Sudarshan Kriya' existed ages ago, and there are many teachers who teach it well.
Often, I wonder about the usage of words when Indian shlokas and chants are taught in the west. 'nithyathva' became 'nidhrathva' and Kumbakarna had to undergo months of sleep. So, pronounciation does matter. I often wonder about this .. it applies not only to the west, but among different communities as well, right ? So how do we judge which pronounciation is right ?

For now, I'm going back to Rahman ... 'One Love' and 'Vandemataram'


starry said...

I love Rahman's music.My favorite is the one from Roja.China china Assai.I play it over and over and this also has been made in many different languages.How are you doing?

kanagu said...

thats the speciality of Rahman.. he has no ego and work with different artists all over the world.. his success lies in there..

Even though I watch movies of different movies.. I never take much pain to learn that language.. but I should do.. Hope you liked Arundati..

Each people have different styles of pronouncing a name... In Harry Potter while reading the book.. I have read 'Hermione' stylishly(!!!!!) as 'Hermiyon' but in movie they call her as Hermione... lol!!!

Anonymous said...

There's always something repulsive about spirituality bottled( sterilised) for the west. Good luck with the course.

One love... havent heard that yet. Though A R Rahman's music is lovely, I find it cloying after a while. It feels the same way too, everything synthesized and bottled. Looking forward to hearing something new though.

Anonymous said...

@ deepa skumar great i also like one love its my start up tune in my pc . i have also done art of living basic course its very useful .

vimmuuu said...

ARR is always the best ! :D :D :D

I learnt Telugu only by watching movies. When I reached andhra, I didnt even know how to ask for water ! :D :D All those venkatesh, nagarjuna, and junior NTR movies helped me ! :D :D

Renu said...

I agree..I dont like it when people say Rama instead of Ram.

Vivek said...

I am skeptical of anyone who is an institution :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Starry :
me too .. but these days, they all seem the same
Roja was a masterpiece
am ok .. and u ?

Kanagu :
i didnt like Arundati much ... it had a lot of loose ends, in my opinion !
I know, names are difficult ... but when it comes to religion, it is different ... right ?

Night :
exactly ! there's something very wrong if the West has to blindly follow us ... and that too, without knowing the substance of what they are doing ...

SK :
just curious .. 'one love' in which language is your startup tune ?

Vimmuuu :
now, things are easier,no ? Just translate on google :D :D

Renu :
hello ...
yup, just as I don't like 'Rama' being pronounced as 'Ram'

Vivek :
heh heh .. I was not talking about mental/criminal institutions :)

Anonymous said...

Rahman is a true legend. Pronunciation is always a tough nut to crack when learning a new language. I think native speakers have a bigger say in how a word should be pronounced.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...


what about sanskrit shlokas then ?

mystic rose said...

Thank you for the vote of confidence! :) I wish it were true. I have to take a break and focus on other things now though.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Mystic Rose : Am no longer able to access your blog :(

mystic rose said...

I enabled access now :), sorry about that earlier. I feel I should make it accessible to anyone who wants to read it, even if I'm not active posting on it right now.