Sunday, July 29, 2007

Here I am !

I never knew what I missed till it was gone .... Never realised how much I missed writing till I missed recording a few happenings in my diary.

Time constraints seem to have become less as I've upgraded my net connection.

Major event that happened since I last wrote : swimming , and it seems to have done wonders to my health and stamina . The disadvantage : increased appetite, darker complexion , and hair that appears malnurished , thanks to the chlorine content. But again , I am not complaining !


mathew said...

wow..good ..finally..i thought u were on hibernation for like decades.. ;-P

raghav said...

swimming .. huh .. guess the instructors and others in the pool ought to be complaining .. *grin*

BTW ..thanks for stopping by.

Enigma© said...

Hey Hi!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!! It is probably an experience everyone has some time or the other..

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Mathew : I thought so too :)))

2 Raghav : No chance ! They'd be too busy oggling *wink*

2 Enigma : :))

alex said...


Glad to see you back.

Swimming..i have been told its good. :)

AnonymousBlogger said...

They say swimming is the best exercising you can do, so congrats on starting it!

Also, good to have you back in the blogging fold. Your last update was March!

Sujit said...

finally.. back into action!.. yeah swimming is nice and relaxing :).. although only problem with chlorine content.. but its okey compared to what we get from it :)..

Fleiger said...

Nice to have you back. Now when are you going to be back on your regular posting schedule?

Arun said...

Hola...welcome back :-)
Yea..Swimming is a full package of exercise for ones body..Way to go girl.


Sujit said...

you can wear a swim cap? atleast protects most part of hairs :)..

kaunquest said...

Hi deepa, thanks for visiting. i dont update that blog anymore. pls do check out

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Alex :
it is good if u can afford to overlook the occasional skin infections , the bleaching of hair , and the darkening of skin :D

2 A/B :
spend a lot of time just floating in the water .. so .. not much exercise there :)

2 Sujit :
no re .. the cap doesnt help at all !

2 Fleiger :
should do soon .. hopefully !

2 Arun :
thanx da

2 kaunquest :

Sujit said...

howda? never tried only seen people wearing.. thats all

Keshi said...

WB Deepa I missed ya!


Arti Honrao said...

Welcome back!
Whenever I told my dad that I wanted to learn driving he said that I should learn swimming ...
Finally ...
I learned neither driving nor swimming!


Ujwal said...

u have 3 disadvantages....but they have a solution...if u have already not found the solution...they are; eat as much as u can but then u can always eat a little less fatty food;sun-screen and swimming cap :)
have fun..

tulipspeaks said...

i cant blv it. wrote a post with similar title moment ago!

and welcome back dear.


Anonymous said...

woow welcome back Deepa-chan!!!
we missed uuuuuuuuu :)
thats great for ur health!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sujit :
howdu .. naanu swimming cap use maadthini ... but no use

2 Keshi :
:) missed reading ur posts

2 Arti :
it isnt too late to learn

2 Ujwal :
no re .. the sunscreen and the cap dont really help

2 Ammu :
:) Thanx !

2 Niki :
am glad to be back too ... missed u :) .. thanx dear !

Arti Honrao said...

it isnt too late to learn
I will talk to him about driving ... am sure he won't ask about swimming now, he does not want all the water from the pool flying out! *LOL*

BTW, Happy Friendship Day

Jeseem said...

welcome back, swimming champ :P
and darker complexion, anha :)