Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I am ....

I looked around. All I could see was chaos .... The noise , the confusion , the unimaginable.
A series of rising lines in the horizon , a deep void behind me ...
I wondered when I would be free from this claustrophobic atmosphere, when I could break this stiffling ambience and go out into the open .. into the free space beyond.

It wasn't that I was unhappy. It was just the chaos of all things around me . The desire to make my life better. To make my existence worthwhile. To prove my usefulness in this world. To make me worthy of what THE being created me for.

For at the moment , I was nothing but a writing pen in a signal processing engineer's cubicle.


alex said...

We see what we want to see; based on what we have seen.

alex said...

We keep looking for THE purpose in life, but everyday brings opportunities where we CAN make a difference.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

We CAN mnake a difference , but that aint our ultimate aim .. right ?

alex said...

Maybe all the 'differences' will add up to our ultimate aim. Or there can be no ultimate aim as such.

I don't think we are sent here or born just for one ultimate aim. In our lives, we cross the paths of many others, we affect them in myriad ways known and unknown to us. So, we influence a lot of people and also get influenced.

Ajith said...

The desire to make my life better. To make my existence worthwhile. To prove my usefulness in this world. To make me worthy of what THE being created me for..
Keep up that spirit :) U'll be successful.

Ajith said...

And yeah, for the Q u put in my blog, I'm a 2004 passout.. U from NITC ?

Priyankari said...

A very true representation of life. Life do pose us in such situations sometimes where we keep on wondering:"Where am I going?"

tulipspeaks said...

i nvr ask the ques on my existence in this world. simply bcoz i'm not sure if i can find the answer.




Mystic Rose said...

That is a tough one, isnt it? when that yearning strikes, and all the advice about doing your best at whatever you are doing, being the best 'systems engineer' or whatever seems like hogwash..:)

difficult, the constraints. i feel it too sometimes.

Mystic Rose said...

rooh is not an english word. but it is quite a familiar word in sufi/mystic used it..i think the roots are in persian language.

take ur time about the tag. do it whenever you feel like doing something mindless plus sharing a bit of yourself..:) that previous post still scares me..:)

Fleiger said...

Nice one...

"Pen" is one of the few articles in a software office which people don't need regularly, and miss much when it goes cubicle-hopping at critical time.

starry nights said...

I think there is chaos all around us all the time.we have to learn to deal with it and pick out the best things from it.

mathew said...

sometimes you become the moments..and it just passes by...

You know when I think like this..I finally end up confused!!

born_in_the_woods said...

A Chinese saying says something like: You learn more by walking 10 miles than reading 10 books.

We can't avoid the cubicle, but we can always choose how we spend our weekend :) Amidst the forest, garden or the mountains..

Choose whatever u like, make urself worth while ..

but first get off ur couch!

Anonymous said...

awww Hugsssss Deepachan!!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Alex :

2 Ajith :
thanks!! nopes .. am not from NITC .. am a 2004 pass out too ... and happen to know folks there !

2 Priyankari :

2 Ammu :
neither do I

2 Mystic Rose :
okk .. i thought the origin was in urdu !
btw , why does the last post scare u ?

2 Fleiger :
yeah .. and mine is missing right now !

2 starry nights :

2 Mathew :
yeah .. i can imagine that

2 born_in_the_woods :
will have to .. else will put on weight as well ;))

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Niki ..

thanx dear ... am perfectly fine :D

Fleiger said...

It's one of those circular thingies, you know... Somebody picks up your pen, then when you miss it (going for a meeting or a call), you start a search for working pen from your cubicle outwards (efficient search algo). You pick up the first one you come acorss, and the next time that person misses his pen... the life goes on... ;)

Mystic Rose said...

your powers of observation and intuiting..elementary, my dear!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Fleiger :
yeah ! a case of "duniya gol hai...", right ?

2 mystic rose :
haa haa .. thanx :D

Fleiger said...

Eggzactly... ;)

Jeseem said...

ohh this writing pen does serve the signal engineer very well. i wonder if he is as baffled as i am at reading this post :)

The Lonely Traveller said...

Hey Deepa.
Nice post!
You know what my pen would have said: - "Get me away from him! Puhleeeez! That sick b*******! He doesn't care for me! He keeps biting..chewing and throwing me down when he is irritated. He doesnt even place me on a penstand. Ya you heard it right! I live in a dark filthy grime lined tea-cup! ;-("