Monday, September 11, 2006

Rain memories

It's the rainy season yet again ! The romantic and magical time is back again ! Remembered that there was a rain tag pending. Here goes :


  1. The most recent one - Spent an entire evening in the rain with my best buddy. My friends and I had gone to my best friend's house for lunch. My friend offered to drop us home. After dropping everyone , we decided to stop for a tea. We were sitting in an open tea house , and suddenly it started pouring ... Well , we decided to catch the rain rather than running for cover
  2. When I was about 12 , my parents , sister , cousin , aunt and I had gone to the zoo. It started raining heavily. We ran for cover. The only cover was in a shack, in which was a cage where a bear was housed. Those were the best moments a 12 year old could have had with nature - watching the mannerisms of a bear !
  3. We used to stay in a flat till I was 12 years old. It was a 2 storeyed flat, with 2 houses on each floor. Hence just 4 families. The other families had kids my age , and who went to the same school as me. Each time it rained , we would make boats and make imaginary stories ! ( btw , I still make boats when it rains )
  4. When I was in my 10th , I went to the terrace while it was raining. I was in a white frock. I stood there getting wet , and watching my plants. The next step I took , I slipped on a slippery patch. For a minute , I was stunned. Neverthless , enjoyed it. ( the fact that I had to wash my frock alone is another story )
  5. Was at my native place one day ( I was 7 then) ... Thunder storms and lightning. We all hurried inside. Suddenly , we heard sounds of things falling on our roof and backyard. When we had a look , it was rain stones .... that was my only experience of rain stones ( the translation from my mother tongue is "Elephant Stones" )


Sujit said...

yup!.. drenching in a so cool!.. you feel you are walking on water!.. only problem is after drenching and then go to home!.. thats it!.. mom will make a life hell out!.. isn't so?

b v n said...

inspiring :)...we had a long drain inside our compond which filled only when it rained...we used to sail boats there for had paper sailors with G I jOE names ...that was fun.

But nothing compares to what we did a few weeks back...played football here in a meadow during a tropical storm...there was two to three inches of rain...all complete rainbow was there in the sky....ok..i need to write about that...and my team won :))))

Sreejith Kumar said...

Sweet post.... It is always a greet feeling enjoying the sight of rain looking out a glass window.... Some good memories are brought back by this post, and thanks for it....

that was my only experience of rain stones

I have craved for hails when they accompany the rain!

Anonymous said...

Good memory!!

Mine is too many. esp when d school was used to declared half-holiday for heavy rain & all d friends used to play football in the open rain & back home GET SCOLDED...great, great!!!

So watz running fresh in life??

Keshi said...

Deepz those were some very beautiful RAIN memories along with a very beautiful pic..thats first one WOW!


Sudeep said...

Nice memories..

making boats in rains is fun to do.. tht made me remember Jagjit Singh's ghazal.. Woh kaagaz ki kashti woh baarish ka paani

tht fall must have been enjoyable.. of course for others :P

deepsat said...

nice memories!!! quite true.. the monsoon brings memorable moments or gives us the chance to create newer ones!!


lushrains said...

You have captured it all! It was refreshing to read this post, being a true rain-lover myself.

Wonderful post!

alias Fleiger said...

Deepa is finally back....

Great post, monsoon is a season where you accumulate maximum cherishable memories. And as school is just starting then, we can always have a lot of fun getting drenched with a legit reason. ;)

When I try to think of most memorable moments with my friends, most of them have rain somewhere.

- Fleiger

Anonymous said...

AAAWWW, rain can be mad fun and be da bez memories ya had =P glad dat you was w/ ya buddiez as ya fav memory.

MuCh LuV <3

AnonymousBlogger said...

Oh my goodness, a Deepa update!

Kudos on remembering the tag. I assume we all just put this tag off because no one wanted to do it, but here you are.

I like the saying "rain stones". I believe our equivalent is "hail". Chunks of ice, that can be from the size of a marble to the size of a tennis ball...Hail is cool, unless it's so big that it dents your car.

Deepa, you have to promise not to make us wait weeks and weeks again for another update.

Jeseem said...

hey beautiful post.
the kerala rains.
the sweet old times coming dripping drenched in office :))

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sujit :
yeah .. absolutely right

2 b v n :
yeah .. the games we used to play !!
football in the rain ? reminds me of the DDLJ movie

2 Sreejith :
You are welcome
have a great time ! :)

2 Roy :
cant forget those incidents .. each time it rains , i remember them !
wonder what we'll be like as we grow up

2 Keshi :
Hey !
i loved the pics too :)

vibhor said...

wao rain...i just love it...
my daughter n me are crazy abt rain..and whenever it rains..we both have a long ride on my bike..i just cant miss my daughter enjoying it so much....

neermathalam said...

The first pic is toooooo goood...
and your memories about rain is so..soothing..But no rainbows...why ??

Known Stranger said...

wow.. you penned one of the beautiful words in my page. i loved it. some more will be posted in a day or two of some night bankgok in moon light and artifical neon lights.

by the way - yesterday i was trying hard to capture the rain at singapore little india street. let me load it and see how it had come.

Vivhyd said...

I think this post is 3 months late.. Anyways.. well described.. I remember one time my frnds and I went cycling - must have been arnd 10 kms on some country roadside.. and it began to pour as hell and we were cycling back all tht distance in the heavy rain.. tht was the best experience in rain for me.. othertimes cover was available so I wud use tht..

Sujit said...

mathe eega enu madtidira?

Prashant said...

And here are lines by a man called Charlie Chaplin:
"I always like to walk in the Rain as no one can see me crying...."

Good post btw

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sudeep :
@ the fall ... hah ! u didnt get to enjoy it anyway ;)

2 deepsat :
Hey !
Welcome :)
Memories gen hurt .. but rain is so worth remmebering and watching

2 lushrains :
Welcome :)
U r a rain lover ? that is good ... we often forget to revel in these simple pleasures

2 Fleiger :
u still havent written the bachelor's chronicles yet .. u said u'd

2 Quz Boss :
when r u going to post ur rain memories ?

2 A/B :
Didnt know you waited so eagerly for my update ;))))))
Rain is awesome .. i think u have more fun .. u have rain as well as snow ... Have never seen the snow

2 Jeseem :
Hmmm ... why did u leave Kerala then ?

Jeseem said...

old memories look good now, cause in time u forget the pain. ( like the shiver of being wet and the cold).
no. it is best a good memory. but not smthing i would like to redo.
i hav new memories to make :)

plus i never liked the people

fleiger said...

Bachelor chronicles? Sorry, lost the context. Can you please remind me?

Anonymous said...

rain stone? wooow lol
never seen it! lucky deepa-chan!!
i love reading ur childhood memories. they are sooo cute!!
thanks and have a nice evening~ ^^

Anonymous said...

you mean you had to wash your white frock by yourself


tcr_79 said...

Its amazing you wrote this post as I am in Tcr and it is raining here!!

I will post soon :) I miss reading your blog regularly too..

AnonymousBlogger said...

Snow is something you enjoy when you first see it. Then it gets old quick.

There is a family across the street from us. The parents were born in Mumbai, then moved to London where I beleive their 3 daughters were born (judging by their accents).

They moved here in Sept a couple years back, and when it snowed for the first time, they loved it. Now, the girls have to shovel when it snows, and they hate it. LOL.

itchingtowrite said...

the classical- eating pakoras on a rainy day, cuddling in the blanket with a book & peanut- oh how I miss he luxury of those days - u will know why if u visit my blog! & I used to simply crave for hail (only 1 experience so far) or even the small ice chips kind..

Anonymous said...

Hi is is Vaishnavi...came across ur blog from somewhere and found it quite interesting.....yeah i've some rain memories too....amazing ones...rains have a life of their own :-) please visit my blog if you have the time

Leafsprings said...

seriously!. Thats a lot of "mis"adventures with rain.
but me, i prefer watching them; and going to a semi asleep mode. and then comes the clean and fresh look when its gone. thats what i like the most.

starry nights said...

Beautiful post.and memories about the rain.We used to make paper boats and let them sail and pretend we were sailing to another part of the world.

Arm Pitt said...

Stone Rains huh? Is that a word that you coined? My experience with Stone rains were unique. It was raining and since every hero and heroine in every Indian movie think its poetic and romantic to get drenched, I decided to experience it. I 'd heard about stone rain, but for the first I experienced it. I felt pellets of stones falling on me and it really hurt. I never knew you could even bleed from it! Apparently you dont, it was just some of friends throwing real stones from the roof. So my experience of rain stomes = rain + stones. That was unique, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

I love rain, but its rainin cats and dogs back here.... I'm tired now... :(

And yeah even we call it "elephant stones" in our mother tongue... :)

Sudhakar said...

Hey.. Nice post.. Walk or ride in rain is really a wonderful experience.. It's raining for last two days ,but traffic jam really screwed up my joy.

silverine said...

I was allowed to get wet in the first showers, miss those days. Lovely rain drenched post :)

Anonymous said...


It was too cool..really too cool!!

Kahan se dunda...baap re baap!!

so what's fresh knocking on ur door?

tulipspeaks said...

rain-the best element in nature.


Kuan Gung said...

Nothing like the sound of the rain...comforting...cleansing...many memories

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 vibhor :
hi Vibhor ...
I guess if my dad had written a blog when I was a kid , he'd have said the same :)

2 Neermathalam :
dont know .. somehow , never thought of rainbows !

2 known stranger :
thank you very much ...
do post the pics .. am waiting !

2 Vivhyd :
no re ... it is pouring like crazy mad here now !

2 Sujit :
ennu illa. .. work ashthe !

2 Prashant :
CC , inspite of his comical gestures and peech , was an absolute genius ! His deeper philosophies are very sound !

Sreejith Kumar said...

Hi, there is tag for you..... Please see my post on 'six things'

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Jeseem :
aah ! u didnt like the ppl .. .huh ?
u r right , old memories are nice coz the hurt is gone .

2 Niki :
hi Niki !
thank you dear ... i like reading ur posts too ... u know that !

2 friendly_roving_editor
Hi welcome !
Yup ... that is right ... i had to !

2 tcr79 :
oh , u r in tcr ? itz raining like crazy here too !

2 A/B :
oh ! is it ?
if it is a case of ' familiarity breeds contempt', then how come we dont hate the rain ?
mumbai huh ? do they speak hindi ?

Anonymous said...

awwww~ thank u sweet miss india!!!!
wish u have a happy monday!!! ^^

Sujit said...

hmm. astondi busy.. ondondusala oyelaDU :)

Known Stranger said...

uncertainity is the certainity of my life

Keshi said...

u busy girl :)


How do we know said...

Lovely memories there!

fleiger said...

Ok, it seems there is some kind of forgetfulness bug going around. I forgot to add the link in my reply to your comment :(

This is the link. Check this out:

This is my new blog. Will be updating both.

tcr_79 said...

Well I was not so happy that the rain is spoiling India's party in Malaysia :(

We had to concede the match to WI because of this stupid D/L method and because of rain :( :(

AnonymousBlogger said...

Deepa Deepa Deepa we need an update. You're getting as bad as Vaibhav. And that's hard to do.

:: the protector :: said...

nice pics....long u doing gal? and hows work?


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 itchingtowrite :
hey !
welcome !
why ? are u unable to enjoy those now ? will check ur blog .. will get to know in detail !

2 Vaishnavi :
Hi Vaishnavi !
sure .. will def check ur blog ..
and , thanx !

2 Leafsprings :
hey !
ah ha ! so , u just like the mood that the rain brings around , huh ?
btw , welcome :)

2 starry nights :
i know ! i know !
how i miss it !

2 Arm Pitt :
yeah ! i coined it !
hey .. i liked the comment .. was waiting to see the romance thingie come into picture , but .....stones ? :D

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 ViŘűS© :
hey !
i think the rains have stopped now !
maybe , our mother tongue is the same !

2 Sudhakar :
traffic jams are dampners , of course ! but traffic jams during rains are kind of bearable !

2 Silverine :
Why not now ?
Thank you :)

2 Roy :
U mean the pic ? I just found it .. thatz all
nothing new ... just work !

2 Amutha :
Very true !

2 Kuan Gung :
Hi !
Welcome :)
so many memories of the rain .. beautiful memories !

Maya Cassis said...

while reading this lovely post,it's raining out here.I woke up cos I was feeling really thirsty and seeing the rains helped a whole lot :)

sushant said...

i likd memory no.3 very much......
voh kagaz ki kashti..
voh baarish ka pani

Anonymous said...

ahhh, I have'nt posted my rain memories, but me and my cousins used 2 go outside and dance and just jump in the huge puddles. Long lost memories though. Howeva, i dun think i wanna do dat again =P

MuCh LuV <3

Vivhyd said...

hey visit my blog for some pics

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sreejith :
ok .. will do

2 Niki :
thanx dear
Ms India .. me ?????
Hope u r having a good week

2 Sujit :
Howdu .. tumbane

2 Known stranger :

2 Keshi :
yeah .. too much to do these days

2 How do we know :
Hi !
Welcome :)
thank you :)

Known Stranger said...

what is savage garden song ?

Known Stranger said...

what is savage garden song ?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Fleiger :
Okies .. will have a look
Yeah , i did see ur new blog :)

2 tcr_79 :
hmmm .... i didnt watch the match

2 A/B :
haa haaa ! Vaibhav should hear this ...
laziness is taking a control over me ! but more than laziness , it is the workload !

2 Vishnu :
hey !
thanx dear
Where were u all this while ?

2 Maya :
Hey !
So, feeling better now ?
I have to update , but feeling so lazy ( mayne , because of the rain too ! )

2 Sushant :
thank you !
and what are urs ?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Quz boss :
why ? why dont u wanna do it again ? Coz you feel too grown up ?

2 Vivhyd :

2 Known stranger :
will reply on urs

Anonymous said...

hai....sometimes rain is a good memory....a rainyday brings some sweet thoughts...mind become so cool and we feel a special kind of missing?...but rain will become a threat to some people who cannot think about their past....they will in a hurry to tie up bothends...the poor one...the victims of flood....RAIN..the same thing brings happy and sad moments to the minds..... anyhow nice and cool work...keep it up......

Nabeel said...

ohh cool picture .. rain is a gift from God ..

Anonymous said...

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