Monday, March 20, 2006

Unfair - part 2

On most comments , I saw the query : " Why doesnt the original company let him continue ? "..
Let me clarify ... they are ready to take him back ... but do u really think he'd feel like continuing in the old job ???
By the way , I lost more than half of the post I had written , and hence am rewriting from where I lost it..


Shall elaborate on the incident i mentioned in the previous post ... but before that, I cleared GATE and my All India ranking is 380 .... It isnt something too good .. but the fact is that I'm writing the exams after 2 yrs of passing out of college ... and hadnt studied at all ... thought I'd completely lost touch w/ my Tech subjects .. but , apparently , this isnt the case .. The ranking did a lot for my self confidence .. wasnt even sure if I'd qualify.

Coming back to the incident ....

My friend was working in an Indian based company on Video processing. He had posted some queries related to his project and the processor he was working on, on Google. Some consulting agency saw his queries , and contacted asking him if he was interested in attending interviews from 5 major MNCs dealing in the same field ... he agreed as he had nothing to lose.
He chose the 1st company on their list for the interview .. not because of any personal interest , but because they were the first to contact the agency. He cleared 2 rounds of technical interview .... they paid for his flight tickets to and fro, as well as his accomodation ... in short , for everything.
He was still not sure about the results and didnt have very high expectations . He was still not so interested in joining the MNC as he was quite happy where he was. But , what really took him aback was the work and the responsibilities he was supposed to handle.
Though the original company were not happy with his leaving , they cleared everything.. but when he went to the company HQ , the head HR there refused to give him his relieving certificate .. He got to know that the MNC's legal advisors had contacted the HR asking if his joining them was ok with the company.The company where he was working and the MNC had a bond whereby an employee of one company couldn't work in the other till 2 years after leaving the company.and the MNC refused to accept him till he got his relieving order.

Now , the guy is in a fix .. neither can he join the MNC, nor can he go back. Wasn't it the duty of the MNC's legal advisors to verify everything before contacting him ?

Now , my friend is in a total depression ... Understandble.

What makes it even worse is that he didn'g go out seeking the opportunity , but the opportunity came to him. They gave him hopes and dashed it all.
He's this super whiz in his field ...

Believe me , you'd be shocked to hear the MNC's name !


Shriedhar said...

im the

Shriedhar said...

FTF, congrats for ur GATE score!!

reg ur frn,

it's very harsh.
but i guess he can go bk to his previous company n work happily though it requires some fight.

i think the previous company likes some malodrama:)

newayz, i stongly believe this company would allow him to wrk again but only after some fight and suspense.

ur frn shd n't give up!!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sridhar :
Heh heh :)))
Congrats :)
why would he wanna go back ? he would feel so disgraced .. right ? and when ur self respect is gone , u cant work properly , isnt it ?
itz not a qn of melodrama .. i think the previous co. is scared that his action might prompt more people to leave

rebel_on_loose said...

Wow now that's impressive...not only do u write eloquently but ur intelligent as well! Hmmm congrats for ur GATE score.
Hey i've heard of such weird policies in sum MNC's (e.g. MS)
But the shocker here is wht his own company did 2 him...they shud at least let him continue if not give the relieving letter...otherwise he can seriously file a petition in court challenging this trap.
So wud u b going in for an M.Tech now ?

Gates said...

Whats the name of the MNC? And you cracked the GATE! Hearty congrats!

Anonymous said...

that was really crazy...poor guy...which is that MNC?

congrats on ur GATE score...
(btw, i was 17th rank long time ago...:-) so i dont trust GATE score to judge anybody..iam sure u r much more brilliant than ur rank suggests)


silverine said...

Congrats on the ranking! And it is shocking to hear about this angle to your friends plight. The MNC who contacted him are clearly to blame.

Anonymous said...

oh it was really shocking..(*o*)
never heard of such cruel thingie in my small world.
im sorry for ur fren!!
congratulations on ur GATE score, deepa-chan!!!!! ooxx

Vivhyd said...

hey cgrats on ur GATE score.. thats an awesome achievement especially as u said it had been quite a wihle since u had passed out.. well done.. hey leave the name of the MNC at my blog.. I wud like to know.. too bad and very unprofessional of the company indeed.. hopefully ur friend wud get a better offer somewhere else..

:: The Protector :: said...

Congrats on your GATE score! this calls for the party? :)

ha thats very bad! could you unveil name of the MNC so that we can beware!


Lost in trance... said...

congrazzz on the score!

n ur frnd has landed in an interresting dilemma...but then considering he is this super whiz guy, shudnt b a problem to land a better job in another MNC? :O)

n wen it comes to recruitment, most of em dont deal with legal implications right away, i guess it more of a reactive approach...

Fleiger said...

That's too bad. I can't fault his first company, because for them, his mght not be the first case, or mistaken case. But I guess the HR at the MNC should check the applicarion carefully before calling for interview. I guess this is one time I approve the american concept of filing case for damage.

P.S. Congrats for your rank!!!

som said...

Congrate on score

What the name of MNC ?, please tell

Many Thanks

AnonymousBlogger said...

I don't know how things are usually done ther, but I'd blame his original company. If he wants to switch jobs, then shouldn't he have that right?

Maybe the labour laws are different there, but here, if you want to switch jobs, you just go. It's nice to give 2 weeks notice, but if you just don't show up for work, that will get you off the hook too.

Having said that, shame on the MNC for NOT giving him the job. They certainly should have known the legal obligations he had to his original employer.

tcr_79 said...

Hmm... that was quite a situation...

The only thing I can say however is - I agree that he may going through rough waters but then he is a genius and that cannot be taken away from him

So tell him to chuck both the jobs and get another job! And as a policy, tell him not to take up another job with a "Bond"

Sujit said...

Hey Congrats on the gate score. Thats quite good enough :).. can you put on the percentile thing??.. I think it should be somewhere 98+ percentile?.. anyhow do not apply for IISC.. for MTECH!! apply for iisc for MSc Engg. its research program.. where in you will be interviewed to get it.

And apply to IIT ..b,m,kgp,k,r,d all the iits.. you should be able to get. Mtech in madras and bombay, they will conduct interview.. and written so better be prepared!!

inna enadaru bekuandare.. helli..

REg your freind.. The company should have told him about the contarct betwen the companies. These are company policies.. which you cannot do anything at all..!! just hope things will be alright!!

Keshi said...

I agree with Rebel...
they shud at least let him continue if not give the relieving lette...what nonsense is this??


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 rebel_on_loose :
I guess i forgot to mention that the company he was working for is ready to take him back ..
am not sure abt the MTEch thingie ...

2 Gates :
Thanx for the wishes ...
Abt the MNC , i think i am not supposed to reveal it .... it could cause probs for my friend

2 Ashok :
U were 17 ??? Whew !!! What r u doing now ???
Abt the MNC , well, i have probs revealing ...

2 Silverine :
You are absolutely right .. the entire fault lies with the MNC

2 Niki :
Thanx sweetie ...
u see a lot of unfairness exists on this planet


Congrats for ur gate score....

tcr_79 said...

By the way (totally unrelated to this post)

I love the way you drop smiles every now and then in my blog

Second - I dont know whether I have mentioned, but the title of your blog is simple and beautiful

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 vivhyd :
thanx :))))
i passed out in 2004.
the MNC .. welll .....
I have totally lost contact w/ my friend now .. coz he doesnt feel like facing anybody :((

2 vishnu :
No party dear ... coz .. well ,i dont know how much the score is gonna help me .. except for the confidence it has given me :)

2 lost in trance :
hi !
well , the prob is that tho he is a super whiz , any company will ask for the relieving order especially if they have a business deal with the company he was working for ...
and there are very few good companies working in the field that he was working on

2 Fleiger :
U got it !!
The MNC should have been careful ...
And worse still ,they reached out to him
Thank you :)

2 som :
Hey !
Welcome to you
MNC .. well .. i cant reveal it now b/c of my friend

2 A/B :
Hey !!!
Well ... i guess the original company didnt want his actions repeated by the other members of the company ... and well ,they can actually sue the MNC for recruiting this guy.
Btw , i have another incident that happ to my friend's dad in Canada .. shall post that on ur blog

Alexis Leon said...

Congratulations on your GATE score. First time I didn't even qualify :-)

Sorry about your friend. He is in trouble because of somebodyelse's fault. You are right. Ha can't go back to his first company...

>|' ; '| said...

the dude got's to blame for not being transparent point going all embarrassed abt rejoining the old company.he better pull everything together.

whats ur plans now with a decent gate score in ur hand?

Vivhyd said...

deepa.. so u dont knw the name of MNC?

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 tcr_79 :
I know ...
tho hez a genius, the prob still persists coz any company would ask for the relieving order .. esp product companies.

2 Sujit :
Thanx :)
They have stopped the %ile system now
but i already applied for MTech as the last date was yesterday .. :(((

2 Keshi :
They will let him continue ... but would he want to ???

2 mr brownstone :
thank you :)

2 tcr_79 :
i am stunned !! What made u drop all these compliments here ?
i love being on ur blog

2 leon :
and 2nd time ?
Exactly ... hez not even to blame :|


ya never told me abt ur idea abt me

Alexis Leon said...

Second time, just scraped through :-) Regarding your friend, it is a sad story and the saddest part is that he can’t do anything about it. It is very difficult when the two organizations have signed the non-poaching agreement.

I know a few friends, who were in the same fix. Some of the clever ones told their parent company that they were leaving to a smaller company near home due to some problems at home and got the relieving and service certificates and then with that joined the organization they wanted. I don’t think honesty and integrity does not have much value in today’s corporate world.

vaik said...

congrats on GATE. 380 is not at all bad.

Reg your friend, its pretty tough situation to be in. Since you are saying he is too good he should be able to get through some company easily.

Sudeep said...

380!! WOW!! congrats.. now tht surely calls for a party... :))

Wht ur frnd faced is indeed SAD... but u know i have seen ppl face this here too... when u r working company showers u n treats u like God... but the moment u resign ... the same ppl hardly notice u n throw the most mundane tasks at the person

but here it is a fault of the MNC who did not enquire 'bout the guy's current workplace... didnt ur frnd know b4hand tht the MNC was client coz it is a rule everywhere of the type.

*Wishes ur frnd luck once again n reminds u of a party once again too*
n i need a double party to make up for the humiliation suffered on A/B's blog

Sujit said...

Oh.,.. man!.. cross your fingers.. do not worry.. if they see that you are not elegible for most of the administration guys call for Msc.. so just hope that you will get a cal.. otherwise no worries.. IITs are always there!!.. its pretty decent rank.. you should be able to get!!.. All the Best!... mathe sihi kodallava?

Keshi said...

**They will let him continue ... but would he want to

well that's totally up to him...if he doesnt want to continiue out of self-respect, then we cant blame the company can we? U have to compromise somewhere...


Fleiger said...

Thank you. So how is your friend now? And what are you planning with so good GATE rank?

And anyways, what was I thinking really? I couldn't get the meaning of your comment.

tcr_79 said...

Why "I dropped the compliment": well no particular reasons, just felt like it - did not think, just put it down!

And smiles are always welcome :)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Poison :
Ego and Self respect count a lot .. u know !
Well, i really dont think the score is good enough :()

2 Vivhyd :
I do ... but ....

2 mr. brownstone :
So curious ????

2 leon :
but what if the parent company had gotta know and sued them ?
So, u did MTech ?
I don’t think honesty and integrity does not have much value in today’s corporate world.
: Is there an extra 'not' here ?

unforgiven said...

Getting a relieving letter is the right of the employee. So, okay, a lot of companies do this drama but legally they are able to hold the letter only for the notice period of the company.

So lets say, my company has a three month notice period, and I resign to join another company. My company will have the legal right to not give me my relieving letter till exactly three months from the day I submitted my resignation.

If the company is holding that letter beyond that time, it is very very highly unlikely. Ask him to mail me and let me see if I can give him some insight on it. Deepa, you can get my mailing address by messaging me from my orkut profile (I don't like posting it out in the open) @

As for the MNC, they, fortunately or unfortunately, are really not too much in the wrong. Almost NO respectable company will hire you without a relieving letter from your previous company. It is a legal AND ethics issue. It is something almost everyone I know in the professional world already knows. Only, either small, or not particularly reputable companies will hire someone without a relieving letter.

Hope things work out for the dude. Let me know if there is any way I can help.


Curiosity is interdependent...
I thought ya wanted to tell me...anyways no compulsion..just wanted to find out how good ya r in knowin' an unknown person by readin' what he blogs

PRADEEP K. said...

He can/should fight it!

Put it up in a public forum, go to the press, draw as much attraction as possible.

There must be someone who can help him out.

Jackal said...

tht's a tricky situation to be in..hope things get sorted out for ur are u...missed ur place was away for some time...tcc byeee

zonko said...

regardless of whether you are looking for a new job or not, it makes sense to know the potential problems that exist in 'leaving' and 'relieving' rules.

Sometimes the people in charge do mess up (MNC people should've done due diligence on their end, no doub). We can and should look after our end.

It's best to go upto your HR and find out relieving procedure right when you join the company.

Congrats on GATE. Enjoy irresponsible life of a student once again..

Alexis Leon said...


Yes there is an Extra NOT there. My mistake.

Yes, I did my M.Tech.

Alexis Leon said...

Sorry to post a query regarding your comment on my blog (but didn't have your email ID). You have written about the coincidence. But I have made some slight changes in the story. So if you could tell me what you meant by "what a coincidence" I could tell you what are the changes I made to the story.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vaik :
Thank you :)
Yes ... he's in a miserable situation ...
Lets see what happens ...

2 Sudeep :
Thanx re ...
no party .. coz u havent yet given me the teddy bear :))
Am totally disgusted with all these private companies ... i bet the Govt. companies would be better ...
but , do we have a choice ?

2 Sujit :
Hmmm letz see what happens !
What did ur last sentence mean ? Sihi andhre ??

2 Keshi :
But u know ... self respect is an important thing ... much more important than money ... u might work with low pay if ur salary is fine .. but once u feel ur self respect is gone or ur ego has suffered a blow , u can never continue working there
right ?

2 fleiger :
i dont know abt my friend .. he has totally buried himself somewhere.
and rank .. well , i seriously dont know !!

2 tcr_79 :
thank u soooooo much then :)

RP said...

I dont understand this..... This is gonna be my third repeat comment on this same post. But none of my comments are seen when I return. What craziness?
I am tired of repeated the same comment. :-( So lemme tell only the most important of all:
I cleared GATE and my All India ranking is 380 ....

Sudarshan said...

First of all, congrats on your GATE score..that's awesome. Well I feel that even though most of the Indian companies pride themselves on their first word work ethics and work conditions, there remains a lot of work to be done, as can be observed from the situation you've just mentioned. That poor guy seems to have been made a scapegoat for no fault of his. Hope things improve!!

Janice said...

Hey :) you sor sweet

Keshi said...

**but once u feel ur self respect is gone or ur ego has suffered a blow , u can never continue working there

ur right...I u'stand that Deepz but has he got a choice now? Well if he's not willing to work there then he's got to leave and sue em perhaps...partly it was his fault too cos he should have inquired abt his company law b4 applying for new jobs...I'd do that if I was him. Cos alot of these cases happen in Aus.


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Unforgiven :
Hey :)
Welcome ....
i have given the link to my friend , but as he hasnt replied back , i dont know if he has contacted you ...
THe MNC asking for a releiving letter and all is fine ... but they knew where he was working .. they should have thought abt the bond etc b/f giving him a cal ... right ?
And , the company he was working for has withheld his RC for more than 3 months ... they refuse to give it to him till he cancels the offer letter from the MNC

2 mr. brownstone :
Okie ... i'll tell u sometime ... not right away tho ... ok ?

2 pradeep k. :
all this is fine ... but i dont wanna fight his battle for him ..
have learnt the hard way that it just doesnt pay.

2 jackal :
hi !
where were u ??
yes ... i too hope ... Inshah Allah !!!!

2 zonko :
Hi !
Welcome :)
I dont even know if i am gonna join somewhere :|
Yes ...u r right ... we should find out b/f hand ... a big mistake that we all make ..

2 leon :
No probs ...
Therez no prob at all in posting a query ... shall reply on ur post what i meant ...

DS said...

This is a very crazy situation! Poor thing...

I hope he get a better job soon.

And congrats for your what do u wanna do?

the Monk said...

hey...congrats on the GATE score...and yeah, it is a shame, abt your friend...

PRADEEP K. said...

Nooooooo! You cant fight it for him. He has to fight his own battles. I wish him all the best!

vaibhav said...

Oye Deepa ji, aap hamaara tag kab kar rahi ho?

burf said...

if he is a whiz, he shouldnt be worrying

there is plenty in market to grab

in fact if he is such gud, then she should consider this as an opportunity to start/create something new of his own instead of working for some another crappy MNC


congrats for ur high-ranking

but then if u've been on top on college then why r u working for some1 else here, start ur own

[u can choose to oppose me with some real smart comments and then it can convert into some zero-yield argument, but still

think abt it]

Sudeep said...

well i have got it but dont know where to deliver it

Sudeep said...

n juss now i replied to comments at A/Bs'.. frm start

Sujit said...


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 rp :
It used to happen to me too .... thatz blogger messing things up !
Thanx for the wishes :)

2 sudarshan :
yes .. and itz a lesson for all of us .. isnt it ?
lessons to learn from his experience !!

2 Janice :
Hi !
Welcome :)
Hope u r fine !

2 Keshi :
Actually , none of us thought these things'd happen .. coz we felt the co. was decent .. shows us how wrong we could be !!!

zonko said...

dinna see link to put mail to you in your profile, hence posting here.

am writing little bit now and then. nothing 'serious', for lack of a better word.

you aren't sure whether you'll join? why? not getting the insti you want? anyways I suddenly realise that this is too complex a thing to describe to a stranger :) so let's leave it at 'best of luck'!

PuNeEt said...

awww dear thats really sad
bt itz always better for us to make sure that therez no such agreement between two companies...
this happens mostly when ur moving to a comepititor...

bt whatever has happnd was really unfortunate...

tk cr

Invincible said...

Ideally yes, the MNC should make their policy clear, as they r inviting him for interview, they obviously know which org ur friend belongs and wotever statement of understanding the two orgs have.

And Gate # 380 !!
congrats babe :P

Invincible said...

where r u trying for PG or it was just for confidence :) ?

harry said...

nice blog :D

Jigal.. said...


Congr8s For Your GATE score

thats Sad dear....Its hard time for your Fri...


take care

Arz000n said...

I thought only I had problems in ma, everyone has there own set of problems :(

And yes....Congrats for the GATE score...neva told me you were preparing for GATE :(

How ya doing?? no news for sucha long time...wassup wassup??

Keshi said...

**coz we felt the co. was decent .. shows us how wrong we could be !!!

true...we always think that everyone would think and act like we do...but we can be so wrong cos the world is made of a variety of we have to be careful especially in the business world...


Keshi said...

btw that Janice id is a clone of Jan...a stupid mental person who seems to have no respect for anything at all...just ignore such losers.


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Div :
Ideally , i'd like to study at IISc .. but am not confident of getting thru ...
Yes i too hope it works out well for him.

2 the monk :
Yes .. itz awful what has happened to him.
Thanx :)

2 Pradeep :
I have realised it the hard way .. u cant fight other people's battles.

2 Vaibhav :
Pretty soon, ji !

2 Burf :
Hey !
Pretty long since i've seen a long comment from u ...
i guess i'm apprehensive abt leaving 'terra firma'...
arrey .. to start on ur own , u need a lotta things more than just talent .. right ?

unforgiven said...

He doesn't ever have to reveal where he is going to while quitting. If push comes to shove, he can cancel the offer letter (give whatever written proof that the his current company requires) and once he gets the relieving letter, just the have the MNC reissue a new offer to him.

Again, the MNC is not really at fault since the joining company expects you to know what the relieving policy of your previous company is.

There are some facts either missing or misread here. If there really was a legal no-poaching agreement between the two companies, there is NO WAY that the MNC would give him the option to join! They'd simply issue a saying that the offer was rescinded and tell the fellow that they cannot give him an offer at all if he is working with his current company.

Which is why I said, to ask him to talk directly to me. Some things in his story really don't add up.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sudeep :
Send it to me ..
i replied to the comments .

2 Sujit :
Enukke ?

2 Zonko :
itz just that i am not sure whether to go ahead and study or work .. coz the insti should be so good as to compensate for 2 yrs work ...
will explain on ur blog.

2 Puneet :
learnt from his experience ...
the MNC is actually their client ...

2 vinci :
thatz what ... they should have thought of all that b/f calling him ... he had even put up his org name..
crap !
GATE : it was for both ... now, i dont know !!!
and , thanx !

2 harry :
He !
thank you

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Jigal :
Thank you ...
yes , it is sad .. what happened to him.

2 Z000nie :
yes dear ... everybody has probs ...
i was not sure if i was writing ... so, never mentioned it.

2 Keshi :
Point taken !
Janice clone .... u too have a clone na .. ? Stupid ppl !!!!

2 Unforgiven :
My friend said he'd get in touch w/ u ASAP ... i sent him the comments that u have written as well as ur profile id ... he should be contacting u soon

rebel_on_loose said...

New Post !

Sudeep said...

i didnt see any replies there??

Keshi said...

yes Deepzz. someone loves me so much that they created a clone lol!


zonko said...

good point. having enjoyed hostel life at both a 'plain' college and an Indian Institute, I totally get your point about not going to anywhere but the best.

best of luck then.

and what's wrong with poems? :)

plain ramblingzz. sometimes it might actually turn out to be good. or I might get connected to the Sea of Stories one day by a P2C2E...

Sujit said...

roorkee unable to open.. check out.. last date approaching ..

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 rebel_on_loose :
sure ... just that a release is coming up ...
still , that aint an excuse .. right ?

2 Sudeep :
But , i didnt get it ..
where ? at A/B's place ?

2 Keshi :
heh heh !!!
wish they could see this !

2 Zonko :
Oh !
you were at an IIT too ?
i like writing poems too ... hence the surprise !

2 Sujit :
Thanx dear !
already applied for iitm and iisc ... not beyond that

rebel_on_loose said...

It sure isn't! :)

Sudeep said...

dont worry will take time.. coz shipped with FedEx

yeah... where u were searching till now??

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 rebel_on_loose ,

see, i have done it !!!

2 sudeep ,

u really wanna know ?????

Sunny said...

There is no reason that your friend should feel guilty. It is normal for professionals to look for more exciting/lucrative opportunities, these days. Companies should (and most do) understand this. Your friend is a frontrunner in his field, and if anything, his original employer should be fighting tooth and nail, to get him back on their team.

Non-compete agreements are a part of the workplace and how it usually goes is like this: the potential employer expresses their interest in offering you a job and asks YOU, whether you have an active non-compete agreement with your current or previous employers, THAT MAY PROHIBIT YOU FROM TAKING A JOB with them. Only after this detail is taken care of, does the offer proceed forward. Calling his current employer and asking them about this is way uncool. And as far as I know, most employers don't do such a thing.

It must also be noted that some HRs/Recruiters/Hiring Managers aren't aware of these etiquettes and inevitably make mistakes giving their company a bad rep. So while your friend faced this problem, other hires may have been appointed without any hassles by the same firm.

All in all, what happened was unprofessional and unwarranted. Being an MNC, the company should have had their bases covered. Your friend should only be disappointed if he was really looking forward to changing jobs. Otherwise he should be happy that his talent was appreciated, and call his old supervisor to get back into his previous job (the one which he is hesitant to return to). There is no reason for him to feel ashamed. And there is no respect lost if someone else felt he deserved a better job. If anything it increases his worth - a fact his employer should understand, and acknowledge by offering him his job and a better "returning" compensation package.

If his employer cares more about their ego and decides to humiliate him or refuse to give his job back, then he's better off not working for them anyway. He should not worry since he is so good at what he does, and is capable of adding value to any technology. Talent receieves recognition sooner than later. He will surely find an opportunity coming his way. He just needs to believe in his talent and market himself (plus know his non-compete agreements).

Luck favors the brave.

Hope this helps

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

Sunny ,

thank you ...
and welcome ...

shall mass on this comment to him

Thanx :)