Thursday, March 09, 2006

Back to work !

Edit :

My neighbour passed away this morning :((((( .. Got to know about it just an hour back when i saw a black flag in front of her house.... and the worst part is I didnt even know , and was playing music at full volume .... I feel so bad about not having gone to her house earlier ...
Wanted to make my dinner .... but , finally settled down for just Top Rammen with vegetables ..... will probably make some potato curry and Daal for tommorrow.


Am back ...

Had an awesome trip ....
Met a couple of friends I hadnt seen for 2 years .... meeting them was a coincidence actually. One of my friends just called me on the night before my journey and said that he was travelling to the same place ....
We caught up at with everything that has been happening in our lives for the past 2 yrs ...
Had an awesome apple pie and tea at CCD .... went shopping with my friends to buy jeans.

Went to my uncle's house ..... he has a huge Alsatian dog ... Somehow , I was not scared of Rover ( the dog ) .... took Rover for a walk as well.

Met a couple of my classmates too.

All in all , I had a great time ..... It was such a change from work.

And the best part is , after I got back , made a few changes to our code ... and Hey Presto !!!! it works perfectly ... I guess a change and a fresh mind outlook was what was needed.

Yesterday , I cooked my own dinner .... Tonight , going to try something new ....

Heard sounds on my terrace last night ... was freaked out for sometime ... then went to sleep ... This morning my servant told me that my neighbours saw lights on my terrace .... I really dont know what to make out of it ... and this was at 1:00 am when all my windows and doors were locked and I was inside.

I have a couple of tags to do .... They are still pending ... Shall get down to that soon.



So wats ur answer.........???


Break surely helps 1 in 1's O/P....All the Best!!

Known Stranger said...

hmm good working coming back

Shriedhar said...

back to work and fresh with thougts:))

that's really good :)))

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 mr. brownstone :
U mean about meeting you ? i have no probs ... but which city are u in ?
whatz o/p ?

2 known stranger :
Yeah :)

2 sridhar :
Yes .... i am glad about that too

ashok said...

maybe an UFO landed...

:: The Protector :: said...

gud....relaxed mind think better

take care


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Ashok :
Oops ! Dont say that

2 Vishnu :
It proved true in my case

hotICE said...
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Sujit said...

wow.. tahts really good you had an awesome break!!.. A good break like that with some more surprises.. break must have been exicting! right!
Good tghat code also worked!.. most of the time it does happen.. a break and fresh mind with make wonderfull changes!!!

hotICE said...

that was some break, I'm sure... I took a long break too.. but for diferent reasons... anyway, enjoy working;-)


O/P = Output
Confidence gets restored with time and I gotta wait!!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sujit :
But i cant demand breaks all the time ... can i ????

2 Hotice :
Hey ... u r back !
Why were u on a break ?

2 mr. brownstone :
Patience !

silverine said...

Noises on the terrace? What's happening to Trivandrum? I keep hearing more and more such stories... I remember and old post of yours about the same thing. Scary !!!!!

PuNeEt said...

welcome back dear :-)

such breaks n trips are so rejuvenating

meeting an old friend...

have fun

Anoop said...

Good to know u had a nice break...I am due for one!!!
Lights on ur terrace-Aliens???

Deepak Adhikari said...

Good to see ya back. Am too on a short break from the hectic schedule of date/deadlines!

>|' ; '| said...

sounds like rover liked u as well :P
otherwise ye wudnt be writin this O:-)

the sound on the terrace cud have been me somnambulating >:)

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Silverine :
You know , the rate of thefts have increased like anything !!
I dont feel this city is safe anymore.

2 Puneet :
I know ! It is so essential ... isnt it ??

2 Anoop :
Seriously ? To where ?
Oh man !! I have no idea what they were :|

2 Deepak Adhikari :
Good thing ... have fun :)

2 Poison :
heh heh ...i'll ask Rover that next time ..
I knew it had to be something weird going on , on my terrace ... am not surprised !!!

Nitika said...

u had a awesome break unlike mine....*sob*...

burf said...

are aliens going to kidnap u??? :(

Fleiger said...

A fresh mind is ideas workshop. :)

So, now that you are fresh and work is going smoothly, I guess we can expect some good posts like usual.

And congrats for solving the problem in the code. I know the feeling you get when your code starts working fine after a fight for a week. (happened once with me)

vaik said...

It always happens, Night you leave the code with bug, morning you see the same code and Bingo its like it almost fixes itself.
A good break always helps.

rebel_on_loose said...

Whoa u seem 2 have had sum rocking time!
Yup...a break from work is exactly wht is needed! This phenomenon has happened with me too! Happens wen u work too long with same monotonous code.
Ohho so u seem 2 have had a visit from sum aliens too! Lol...tht lite must b from a UFO....i'm sure they've seen u in tht saree,necklace and anklets and have fallen head over heels.Get ready to live on Mars now! :p
Happy Holi in advance.... :)
Have FUN!!

Anonymous said...

aww~ deepachan!! pls sleep in other room(>_<)
and have someone to sleep with!!
body guards required!!
the other day i happened to call the police, becoz of that kinda strange noise in the terrace.
they found a cat running with a garbage
glad u had a nice refreshing trip!!

Anoop said...

Planning to go somewhere around Pune..go trekking around the forts here!!!U know the first rain of the year fell today!!!

Anoop said...

Planning to go somewhere around Pune..go trekking around the forts here!!!U know the first rain of the year fell today!!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Nitika :
awwww ..... why ? what happened ?

2 Burf :
i hope not .... what will i do on their planet ?

2 Fleiger :
u mean u dont like the posts i generally write ?
awesome feeling , isnt it ?

2 Vaik :
really !! Code seems to have a mind of its own .. and is more stubborn than us as well.

2 rebel_on_loose :
Arrey !!! What will i do on Mars ?
They have no bangles there

2 Niki :
Actually , i havent told anyone that i am alone ...
ur incident seems funny now , but i can imagine how terrifying it must have been then

2 Anoop :
have fun .... u mean it hasnt rained there till now ?

Invincible said...

oh i m so sorry for ur neighbour.

meeting old friends is always a pleasure :)

and it showed up in ur code fix too ;)

and were there some romeos on ur terrace, trying to take a glimpse of u :)

Fleiger said...

So you were that girl standing below my balcony just now.

I said, we can expect some good posts as usual from you instead of space-fillers. Not that space fillers are not good. (Anyways, now-a-days, I am writing space-fillers too, that comics post was one, and the one before that too)

And sorry for your neighbour.

Fleiger said...

Oh and btw, was it the guy from bus-stop on your terrace? ;)

Alexis Leon said...

Nice to know that you had a great holiday and things at work are really working :-)

Sorry about your neighbour... My condolences to his family and friends...

Jackal said...

welcum back.......sorry to hear abt ur neighbour.....alsation....hmm i love dogs.......but not alsations....

AnonymousBlogger said...

Wow, Deepa! You have a servant?

Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip. Great news about the code too. So next you have a problem at work, all you have to do is take a vacation, and it will all work out.

Sujit said...

Yeah, certainly you cannot ask for breaks. But, you can take some breaks at work or home .. that would comepletly revamp you thinking..! nothing about work.. just something different!!.. I thnk even that should also do the job.. as simple as a long chat and fun filled talking with your freinds..!!! should also do the job.. adare neevu aga helidira alwa freinds yaru illa antha... eegaladaru yaradaru idara?.. antha neevu obrena inna?

Keshi said...

good to see u back...WB n huggggggggz! :)

aww ur neighbor old was she/he?


~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Vinci :
But at times , u dont have anything to say to people when u meet them after a long time .. luckily this was not such a case !
Romeos ??? No way !

2 Fleiger :
Ok ok ... i was just pulling ur leg ... but i liked the comic strip ....
No way !! No Romeos on my terrace , nor any ppl from bus stops !

2 Alexis :
Yeah ... things always work out well in the end , i guess !
I am feeling bad abt my lack of consideration for my neighbour .... but yes , i didnt know abt her death

2 Jackal :
Thanx !!
Why ? Whatz wrong with alsations ?

2 A/B :
Yes ... momz also working .. so, very difficult to manage w/o a servant.
i dont think my team lead will be at all glad to hear ur suggestion !!!

2 Sujit :
Friends jaasti yaaru illa ....
but , i like travelling ... travelling makes me at peace with myself !

2 Keshi :
Am glad to see u too !
My neighbor was around 80+ .. i guess ... her husband died some 6 yrs ago

Sujit said...

Thats sad.. your neighbours passed.
but you did not know that she has passed when you were putting music. If you had knew adn then played music then youshould bad for that.. not otherwise.

hey... your currey I mada today.. was good you know!!...

Why dont youjust travel when you are bored.. your beach walk may give you lots of peaceeee!!

taggy said...

well i hav been tryin to find out for sometime noe actually

whats CCD :P ? do tell me

Ajit Chouhan said...

Nice blog 1st visit 2 ur blog

Keshi said...

oh 80+, reminded me of my granma's death...



Mortality is probably the biggest truth...Every1 has to face it...sooner or later...There's always somethin' after that....
So there's nothin' to feel really sad abt that...
Life should be a short and sweet journey......
Cheers up!! I'm sure that ur neighbor had a pleasant journey...even if it was long...
Bit busy...deadline's close!!
Anyways...Can v chat sometime in the weekend??...i have a yahoo a/'s

burf said...

[de] bug them ;)


Sudarshan said...

How's u deepa?? I hope your neighbor's soul rests in peace..Glad to know you had a great trip...I bet you've had a blast..and met a lot of friends too..boy, isn't it a wonderful feeling to meet those good old chums after years?? Such meetings bring back soo many memories about our childhoods when life was so sweet and simple:-) I'm glad you took a break..I'm sure you're rejunvated now..and ready to fire:-) My tag's waiting right ? hehe

opinionatedinjerzee said...

nice blog.. enjoyed reading it...

Sudeep said...

m i squinting my eyes or is the font really small?

catching up with old pals is always fun... glad tht u had a gud outing

I was not scared of Rover
but wht 'bout Rover? :p

i remember a long time back u had a post 'bout thefts in ur neighbourhood.... tk care dear

happy weekend...

RP said...

First things first. I am seriously in awe everytime I visit yer blog. Ye seems to be the 'DARLING GAL' of blogspot. Or how else can I explain these many 'footprints'?? Thats a gr8 way to go Lady.

And the best part is , after I got back , made a few changes to our code ... and Hey Presto !!!! it works perfectly ... I guess a change and a fresh mind outlook was what was needed.
Such trips always makes a world of difference in our performance rite? Why can't the manager understand this?

Yesterday , I cooked my own dinner .... Tonight , going to try something new ....
Do ye have Medical insurance? Hope so. Shall pray for your health tonite! :-D

Heard sounds on my terrace last night ... was freaked out for sometime ... blah blah
Seems like ye r not only a celebrity in blog-world but also in ghost world!! Wow! ;-)

Jigal.. said...


swts hrt

welcome back

so here we have refreshing and energetic deepssss


take care

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Sujit :
Which curry ?
Anyway , I apologised to my neighbour's daughter
Beach walks ... mmmmmmmm

2 Taggy :
CCD -> Cafe Coffee Day

2 Ajit :
Hi !
Welcome :)
thanx for the compliments

2 Keshi :
Oh ! When was that ?

2 mr. brownstone :
when ppl die, they dont feel it ... but itz the people who are related to them who feel it
Yes , her death was peaceful.
I saw ur chat id.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 Burf :
Okie ... but why ???

2 Sudarshan :
great feeling ... !!
when u start working , u get tired soon ..
yes, urs as well as Sridhar's tag is waiting

2 opinionatedinjerzee :
hey !
welcome :)
thank you *deepa takes a bow*

2 Sudeep :
yeah ! the font is small ... proves that therez nothing wrong w/ ur eyes .. heh ??
Rover .. hmm ...u should meet him ...
have a nice weekend :)

2 rp :
No re ! i aint no celebrity
if only our PLs and PM could see it too ...
i am fine .. had my dinner at 12:00 that day ..
ghost world ??? hmmm ... like casper ?

2 Jigal :
thanx re !
have a nice weekend

Anil The Great said...

Deepa :

Now that was a lovely break.

welcome back.


Fleiger said...

If not romeos, then there is only one option remaining. Call these people asap.

And forgot to ask last time, tea in CCD??? Isn't it kind of... well... I can't think of words, sorry.

Sujit said...

the one which you want to prepare.. I think potato and dal..!! Arey yaar.. test my memory.. its very poor.. tend to forget things often :(..

Ajit Chouhan said...

thanks for ur comments ,BTW : me not appearing for any exams yaar...

>|' ; '| said...

oh...i saw the black flag as i walked by there at about 8 pm. dont feel guilty about what u had been doing. tc...

Nabeel said...

and how did your neighbor die? was he/she old, young? you should have given some information the neighbor .. comon

Nabeel said...

oh yaa .. may he/she rest in peace

Abhishek said...

i just love jeans.
just bought a new 1 in mumbai last week.

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

2 ATG :
Thank you :)

2 Fleiger :
Tea in CCD ... well, thatz coz i dislike coffee ... so took tea ...
at least CCD has some tea products .... Coffee Beanz is worse .. therez just our usual tea for 25 Rs ... useless !!

2 sujit :
oh ok !!
i prepared potato curry, btw ~~~

2 Ajit :
then ?

2 Poison :
Seriously ???
i was alone at home at that time

2 Nabeel :
My neighbor was old - 80+
I dont know how she died - i think she fell ill ... i was away when she fell ill

2 Abhishek :
me too ... but , i have put on weight , hence difficult to get into my old ones


What do ya mean by "I saw ur chat-id?"
I stay online 24hrs in weekend ...I never saw u online!!

~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

i mean i know ur chat id !